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May 19, 2013
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MnG: Netuno, Marcelo by MarsSu MnG: Netuno, Marcelo by MarsSu




Your just wandering around the hallway, I mean it's a new school and all, and it's big, so you're probably lost. Anyways, as you walk through the empty hallways, you find the swimming pool while hoping you find some sexy shirtless guys swimming TEHEHEHE :iconohoho-plz:. To you surprise they're no good looking guys SOB :iconcryforeverplz: you see a short boy by himself in the pool, coming out of the water and heading towards his towel on the stands. He's very skinny and short compared to most high school guys anyway, especially the ones here. And even though he's got dark tanned skin, you can see from afar some weird, dark pattering that stretches all halfway on his back and going down, you don't know how far down because he's still has pants on and your not a pervert YA RIGHT HAHAHA //SLAPPED but you decide to take a better look at this boy. As you walk in a fast pace towards him, you slip and fall on the ground. Your head is dizzy for a couple seconds, but next thing you know, he's there looking down on you. His golden yellowish/orange eyes blaze as if they're on fire and make your heart beat fast, while his facial expression looks as cold as ice. On his right cheek looks like the Australian Continent, and you realize that the birthmark on his back only stretches to his waist on the left side when you look at him from the front. All you can do is stare at him and wonder what he'll do. He stops looking at you and says "Don't you know not to run on the side of the pool, idiot." while walking away without even helping you get back up. Being angry that he didn't help you, you walk off never to talk to him again and Marcelo shall forever be alone LOL //SHOTDEAD

Name: Netuno (Meaning "moist, wet.") , Marcelo (Meaning "defense" or "of the sea.")

Age: 18

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 120lbs

Year: Senior

D.O.B: June 30th

Level: Expert

- Swimming
-Animals (especially cats XD)
-Reds and Oranges
-Samba music
-Being outside
-Warm/Hot temperature

-Bad quality food
Poor Sportsmanship
-Giver Uppers
-Animal Abusers
-People laughing at his birth marks
-Cheesy Romance movies (he always cries at happy endings, so he just avoids watching those kind of movies)
-Thunderstorms (that's basically his only fear)
-Cold weather (he's only seen snow once or twice in his life, but those were only pictures. He's never made a snowman or anything like that XD)
-Touchy people (he hates hugs and people touching him, he only let's people he cares about hug him and such.)

[Hot-tempered, Impulsive, Determined]
After his father joking to him when he was younger that a real man "never cries", he took his father seriously as a child and hasn't cried since he was seven years old, he holds his anger in for so long now he gets angered easily, he directs his anger into punching pillows, exercise or yelling at people.
When he's talking, especially when he's angry at you, he doesn't care if whatever he says is hurtful, he'll say it cause it's the truth instead of lying to you.
He is extremely determined, not only does he have a fiery personality when it comes to his temper, but he has an intense fiery passion for the things he loves, and he will not give up on anything, even if he badly injures himself he keeps putting 100% effort, and if you beat him, he'll train twice as hard than before so he can defeat you next time.

[Dauntless, Hard-working, Observant]
He doesn't get scared of basically anything, if he's told to do something dangerous as part of his job, he goes and does what need to be done, no matter the dangers of it.
Because of this people say he's a hard worker, he tries his best to do everything and anything asked to be done. If he's never done something before, he'll observes people doing the same thing so he can learn quickly from them, even to the point that if he actually doesn't understand at all what he's doing, he'll make social contact with the other person and ask for help. If he makes a mistake at something, he tries to improve on that mistake so he wouldn't do the same thing again.

[Socially Awkward, Sympathetic]
He's a horrible conversation starter, especially since most people avoid him due to his fiery personality, so when people do try and talk to him, he tries to avoid it if possible. He hates talking on the phone/computer with people and would rather talk in person, and in situations where you ask him to hang out with you, he'll blush like crazy and just let you drag him along without saying a word, cause that scenario rarely happens to him and he doesn't know what to do.
He tries to help people if they come to ask him for it, for example, if you asked him to teach you cooking, he be stern and seem to be angry at you when you make a cooking mistake, but he will be compassionate and show you how to do it, in his tsundere angry self ways. Even with emotional problems, though he would almost never show you his own tears/sadness, if you came up to him crying and needing someone to talk to, his extremely blunt, socially awkward self would try and help, even though it might not work. It'd probably end up something like this (except probably not this quick LOL //SHOT):

Stranger: :iconyuicraiplz: *RUNS UP TO HIM SOBBING* I JUST GOT DUMPED!

Marcelo: :iconorekihuhplz: -----Um, hi-----?

Stranger: *SOBSEVENMORE* :iconcryforeverplz:

Marcelo: :iconorekiblinkplz: Ummm--- You should really stop crying, crying makes you look like crap---

Stranger: :iconcryforeverplz: YOU CALLING ME UGLY!??!

Marcelo: :iconidontgetit-plz: WHAT THE HELL!? N-NO I MEAN---
*grabs the courners of other's mouth and forms a smile*
:iconorekiurghplz: S-see! E-everyone looks better happy, like this, y-you know, so try not being sad---?



Stranger: *DIES* :iconsyosoulplz:

Marcelo was born into extreme poverty in North Eastern part of Brazil, and lived in the Shanty Town of his city Favela (A shanty town (also called a squatter settlement) is a slum settlement (sometimes illegal or unauthorized) of plywood, corrugated metal, sheets of plastic, and cardboard boxes. Shanty towns, which are usually built on the periphery of cities, often do not have proper sanitation, water supply or aqueduct, electricity or telephone services.) with his mother who worked as a nurse, father who worked in the restaurants Marcelo and his siblings would work soon, older sister named Lygia, and two younger twin sisters named Domitila and Catina. People were very close friends with each in the Shanty Town they were at, everyone knew each other, they celebrated together, it was like a giant family. But Marcelo has always been a bit of a socially awkward person, but it wasn't as bad as now. The other kids his age would pick on his height and birthmarks, causing him to cry everyday as he got home. His father had a talk with him, and jokingly said that men don't cry. But as a five year old, he took it seriously, and when his father died when he was eight years old, he took his word and kept his feelings bottled up on the inside. Eventually though, it got to the point where he couldn't keep it in anymore, and on that day a kid was about to beat him up, when he snapped beat the crap out of the kid. That's when he started having anger issues, he began to constantly have broken bones and multiple cuts from getting into major fights with other people, and his attitude change completely almost over night. That's when he started getting more interested in sports and cooking, and got a job at the same local restaurant his father worked at. It helped to calm him and make him feel happier, and not into as many fights as before. It also helped made him be more determined to become better at different skills and made him into a hard worker.

Why he loves swimming so much:
As mentioned above, a part of the reason he became serious with swimming is because it helped calm him. But the other reason is he had to learn how to swim, so he escape away from the other kids when they chased him into the water, since most of them didn't know how to swim. So he taught himself how to swim, so he could get away from them faster. He practiced everyday, first starting in the shallow end, and eventually able to get to the deepest part of river. After being able to learn how to swim, he enjoyed it so much, he began sneaking into local swimming pools on days he didn't have to work in the restaurant, so he wouldn't have to risk getting attacked by an alligator and other harmful creatures in the river.

How he got into Mizu-no-Gakuen:
Since his family couldn't afford paying for Marcelo to get into a swimming school like Mizu-no-Gakuen, Marcelo thought he wouldn't make into a school like that. It was one day though when he did his usually sneaking into the swimming pool when he was almost 18 years old, and the restaurants owner's daughter almost drowned in the pool when the lifeguard wasn't looking. Marcelo saw this and went to go save the daughter. He got her to the side of the pool and started doing CPR, learning it from his mother who is a nurse. It worked and he saved the girl's life. The restaurant owner was so happy for what he's done, he used his wealth to help support Marcelo's family and paid for him to go into Mizu-no-Gakuen so he could enhance his swimming abilities. The owner also taught Marcelo some Japanese for a couple months, and treated him and his family as his own.

Additional Info:

Voice: [link]
Most of the time, the way he's talking is from 0:42-1:02 or 1:04-1:16, so if your wondering if he suddenly hates you if he talks to you like that, no he doesn't, that's just how he usually talks. :XD:
Since he isn't very good at speaking Japanese, so he tends to forget some basic things, like honorifics and pronunciation. If you RP with him and he says something thing that doesn't fit in the sentence, it's because he just used the wrong word. That usually happens when he's explaining something, or if he's frustrated while talking to you, he'll make more of those mistakes and possibly say some swears here and there, not a lot of swears but a few.

Café au lait spot: Usually oval in shape, with a light brown or milky coffee color (hence the name). They are either present at birth or occur soon afterwards. As the individual gets older they do not fade. Some people may have one or two, but more are possible.

He's self conscious of his birth marks, one apparently looking like a small Continent Australia on his face, while a huge birth mark stretching from his left side waist to the middle of his back.

Him and smiling:
He rarely actually has a cute smile, actually even just smirking he doesn't do much of. If you do see him smirking, it looks like :iconsatoshismirkplz:, which most people would perceive as an evil smile, which you'd be mostly right. He usually smiles like that when he accepts a challenge and defeats the other person, or if someone is pestering him and he throws a sly comment before some fighting starts, even though he tries to avoid physical fighting by leaving the room before he gets to angry and throws a punch at the other.
But to see his cute dorky smile, then you'd have to have him be in a isolated place with a cute cat. He loves cats so much, and he'll start cuddling the cat and act the exact opposite as he is. That's when you'll see his true smile and actually talk in a happy cute tone. As soon as someone walks by, he acts normal and tries to ignore the cat, cause he doesn't like showing any deep emotions like happiness and sadness, because he doesn't want people to laugh at him and such.

He doesn't have a preference, especially since he hasn't had many friend in his life, he definitely hasn't had a crush on anyone and has no idea what it feels like to have attracted to someone. If you date him, he'll be an extreme awkward dork around others, and if you went for a romantic hug or kiss around others, he'll whack you up the side of your head and yell at you. Now if you did that when no one is around, he'll hug you back and be really cute with you. So unless you can deal with his firery personality, it might not work. BUT YOU CAN ALWAYS TRY!

Swimming Style:
His favorite swimming style is Freestyle/Front Crawl. It was the first swimming style he learned and he loved it because he felt fast whenever he did front crawl, plus then he can see where he's going.

No one so far :iconforeveraloneplz:


I prefer notes or comments, since I keep track better that way.
Or chat would be good to, but I'm not good at RPing in chat :iconmingplz:
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